Guide for the Process of Managing Risk on Rapid Renewal Projects

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This guide focuses risk management specifically concerning rapid renewal projects, i.e. projects designed to work on an accelerated pace and therefore lessen the project’s disruption to normal transportation patterns. Since projects of this nature are a more recent development, there is less known about how to correctly implement them. This guide formalizes a comprehensive approach to risk management on this kind of project, using steps such as: structuring, risk identification, risk assessment, risk analysis, risk management planning, and risk management implementation.


Author: Golder Associates

Year Published: 2014

Report Number: SHRP 2 Report S2-R09-RW-2

Publisher: The Transportation Research Board: Strategic Highway Research Program 2


Topic: Program/Project Risk

Process: Analyzing Risk, Assessing and Evaluating Risk, Identifying Risk, Managing Risk

Agency Type: General