Matching Resources

  1. Potential Impacts of Climate Change on U.S. Transportation

    This report focuses on how climate change will affect transportation infrastructure.

  2. Why Do We Need to Take a Risk Assessment-Based Approach in Road Safety?

    This study explains why the traditional approach to road safety is inferior to a more modern risk assessment system.

  3. Road Safety in Canada

    This digital booklet provides information intended for road safety professionals about how to effectively promote road safety in Canada.

  4. Bridge Inspection Manual

    This technical manual details all the major aspects of inspecting and maintaining bridges.

  5. Pavement Maintenance Manual

    This manual is a technical manual for the maintenance of roadway pavement.

  6. Skid Resistance Management Plan

    This plan concerns managing the risks from a low level of skid resistance.

  7. The Rockfall Hazard Rating System

    This system of rating the risk of rockfalls was developed for the Oregon Department of Transportation.

  8. State Highway Asset Management Plan 2012-2015

    This plan describes the maintenance, operations, and intended improvements of the state highways in New Zealand.

  9. Guidebook on Risk Analysis Tools and Management Practices to Control Transportation Project Costs

    This guidebook contains specific and practical to implement guidance for state DOTs on how to best manage the costs of transportation projects.

  10. Strategic Issues Facing Transportation: Volume 2: Climate Change, Extreme Weather Events and the Highway System

    This guide to mitigating risk from climate change across the US highway system contains strategies to deal with the necessary changes infrastructure will need to combat climate change.

  11. Climate Impacts Vulnerability Assessment Report

    This report is the result of a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) grant to the Washington State DOT (WSDOT) to test a conceptual climate risk assessment model on transportation infrastructure.

  12. Calibration of Controlling Input Models for Pavement Management System, Final Report

    This study examines pavement management models using data from the Oklahoma DOT.

  13. The Challenge of Achieving Seismic Safety

    This paper focuses on the importance of convincing those in funding positions to invest not only in infrastructure for general safety, but also to make improvements to protect against earthquakes.

  14. Reference Guide for Applying Risk and Reliability-Based Approaches for Bridge Scour Protection

    This report is a reference guide for analyzing the risks associated with bridge scour predictions.

  15. Unstable Slope Management Program, Background Research and Program Inception

    This study funded by the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (AKDOT&PF) examined how best to allocate resources to unstable slopes.

  16. A Review of HDM/dTIMS Pavement Models Based on Calibration Site Data

    This study examines pavement deterioration models used in New Zealand.

  17. Uses of Risk Management and Data Management to Support Target-Setting for Performance-Based Resource Allocation by Transportation Agencies

    This NCHRP report supplements NCHRP report 666 “Target-Setting Methods and Data Management to Support Performance-Based Resource Allocation by Transportation Agencies.”

  18. Challenges of Data for Performance Measures, A Workshop

    This circular discusses a workshop conducted by the Transportation Research Board.

  19. Tunnel Talk

    This article describes the financial failures of several highway tunnels in Australia.

  20. Transportation Asset Management in Australia, Canada, England and New Zealand

    In this study a US team examined the importance of an organizational cultures that prioritizes asset management and a process for coming to effective decisions.