Strategic Issues Facing Transportation: Volume 2: Climate Change, Extreme Weather Events and the Highway System

Practitioner’s Guide and Research Report

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This guide to mitigating risk from climate change across the US highway system contains strategies to deal with the necessary changes infrastructure will need to combat climate change. Dealing with climate change through 2050 and sea level rise through 2100, the guide gives recommendations for all types of assets, including bridges, culverts, pavement, slopes, stormwater infrastructure, and walls. There is also a software tool that provides information based on region, tables with the same information as the software tool, and two spreadsheets of cost-benefit analyses of various adoption strategies.


Author: Meyer, M., M. Flood, J. Keller, J. Lennon et al

Year Published: 2013

Report Number: NCHRP Report 750

Publisher: Transportation Research Board


Topic: External Risk

Process: Analyzing Risk, Identifying Risk

Agency Type: Private/Other