A Review of HDM/dTIMS Pavement Models Based on Calibration Site Data

External link: https://www.nzta.govt.nz/assets/resources/research/reports/303/docs/303.pdf


This study examines pavement deterioration models used in New Zealand. Local models, as well as models based on HDM-III and HDM-4 were examined. The research focused on how the various models were calibrated with a focus on the model for the development of cracks, which the authors identified as a crucial component of pavement deterioration. The models showed that once a crack initiates, the pavement will begin to deteriorate much more rapidly, even with a resurfacing, emphasizing the importance of crack-prevention.


Year Published: 2006

Report Number: Land Transport Research Report 303

Publisher: New Zealand Transportation Department


Topic: Program/Project Risk

Process: General/ERM Practice

Agency Type: International, State DOT